A staff that is exceptionally kind and caring

Brandi, Brianna, Dr. T, and Joy — This is just a brief note of thank you to a staff that is exceptionally kind and caring. I am so grateful for your care. I appreciate it immensely when you are able to work me in when something is problematic (usually self-induced :) ). I realize that many of your patients have more serious health concerns. You are professional, kind, and caring. I would recommend the Petersburg Ariya Chiropractic Center to anyone and everyone. In a world where we often hear the negative, I wanted to make sure that you know the positive impact that you have on other's lives. Thank you! — Barb C.

Pain in Back, Neck, Elbows, and Hips

My pain prevented me from being functional. I couldn’t tolerate it any longer. I found Ariya Family Chiropractic Centers online and made an appointment with Dr. Houston. She spends time with me every visit making adjustments and making sure I get pain relief before I leave. Even though the pain is so stubborn, I feel much better after each visit. If you agree with me that pain killers simply cover the symptoms, chiropractic care is the right health route to take. Thank you, Dr. Houston, for your caring and your honesty. — Salwa S.

Immense Help

I am happy to say that Dr. Hayes has helped me immensely, and I actually look forward to my appointments.

Just a quick note to compliment you on your staff, I thank Janine and Heather profusely after every visit!- I. Leech

Amazing Care

"My last treatment was an amazing experience. I loved being under Lindsey’s care. This has truly been exceptional, by far the best medical treatment ever." -- S.S.


Incurable Bone Disease

"I have an incurable bone disease, and Western Medicine no longer had any options to improve my condition. To say I experienced immediate results would be an understatement. There was a noticeable improvement that continued for days, and I felt relief no pharmaceutical could match. After 4 treatments I had made more progress than I had in the past ten years." -- B.W


Exceptional Healer

"Lindsey is an exceptional healer. Her acupuncture is amazing! She is very gentle and in tune with you. Lindsey is gifted and blessed in her field, and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done!" -- T. Silverstien



I became a chiropractic patient at 22 years of age after a fall, but had not been under chiropractic care in recent years. I came to Dr. Holland’s office because my daughter-in-law had been referred there and by the end of her visit was so impressed by Dr. Holland that I made an appointment for myself that same day! Now I can do things I haven’t been able to do in years!


Over the years I have been to several different Richmond chiropractors, all of them quite capable, but I feel most comfortable at the Ariya. Dr. Hayes, D.C. and her staff make the whole experience very positive, and I'm seeing good results. I would highly recommend Dr. Hayes to anyone requiring chiropractic care.


The pain in my lower back and legs made it painful to walk and to sit in most positions. I researched chiropractors through my insurance company website and found that Dr. Hayes accepted my insurance. I called her office and was able to get a SAME DAY appointment. Now I am out of pain and I know my health is in great hands!


I am a massage therapist, and as such, I spend 40-50 minutes standing, while working on each of my clients. I was having an increasingly difficult time working on them because I was focusing on the pain I was experiencing in my lower back and neck instead of on the clients' care. I was told by one of my clients about the relief she was experiencing by seeing Dr. Hayes. I made an appointment that same day and now I can work through my day without pain and without having to take long breaks!


Migraines and middle back pain interfered with my ability to exercise, work, and enjoy activities with my family. After choosing Dr. Hayes at Ariya Family Chiropractic, I spend less time avoiding activity and more time interacting. I chose Dr. Hayes’ office because it was close to my home and for the pleasant, holistic atmosphere.


I was involved in an automobile accident that caused burning neck pain and numbness in both of my arms. After the accident, I was unable to sew or read, and even driving was more difficult. I had an MRI, EMG, and even cortisone shots with no relief, then I began chiropractic care with Dr. Hayes. Since beginning care, I have had decreased neck pain and numbness, an increase in the mobility in my neck and have returned to doing the things I enjoy.

Multiple Ear Infections

"When I was a teenager I was involved in an automobile accident. As a result I had chronic neck and back pain. I couldn’t stand the constant burning sensation and overall pain anymore. I was tired of it preventing me from enjoying my daily activities. After a 15 minute phone interview with Dr. Patel, who spent time answering my questions; I knew Ariya Family Chiropractic Center was the place for me.

I have had chiropractic care since 1997- ten years after my accident. I am now able to do basically anything I want to because of my care. I have two children who have been involved in care since birth to prevent many childhood aliments. We all have had great success!

I highly recommend giving chiropractic care a worthy try- to me, that meant a minimum of 4 months before deciding against it. For my children, we have avoided multiple ear infections through routine care. I couldn’t imagine not having had chiropractic care at those crucial moments!

Neck And Back Pain

"Neck and back pain was what brought me to Ariya Family Chiropractic Center.  The pain and discomfort didn’t allow me to function normally and interfered with my working, sitting, sleeping, and standing for long periods of time.  I had heard good things about Ariya, so I decided to make an appointment to see what they could do for me.  Dr. Patel sat down with me and outlined all the objectives that would relieve the pain.  I had good results and my condition has greatly improved.  I can do anything I chose and my quality of life has improved 95%.

The staff and Dr. Patel are very professional.  I owe my continuing great quality of life to them.  My advice to those reading this testimonial is to call and make an appointment.  I’m glad I did."

Many Problems Walking And Lifting

"I started seeing my doctor at Ariya Family Chiropractic Center for general back pain. I was having many problems walking, and lifting. My son would help me do many of the tasks I couldn’t do on my own. He eventually got tired of hearing me complaining, so I decided to do something about my pain.

I chose Ariya because my daughter had done business with them. She told me about the inviting atmosphere and kind staff. Since receiving numerous adjustments I am able to walk long distances and am rarely sick!

Chiropractic has changed my quality of life and I suggest everyone to come to Dr. Saggar and to follow through with treatments. I love all of the Doctors and staff to death!"

Lower Back & Hip Pain

"As a sufferer of lower back and hip pain I know how frustrating the simplest of activities can be. Walking in particular was impossible with out pain. What do you do about it? I knew I wanted something other than traditional methods- no medications. Ariya Family Chiropractic Center has helped me to achieve that.

I kept hearing of Ariya Family Chiropractic Center, and the results and experiences everyone had. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, so I decided to give them a call. I am glad I did because of the multiple areas of improvement in my life. My quality of life has improved since beginning care, and my pain has dropped significantly.

I have told many others with similar health conditions about chiropractic. After telling them about my personal improvements many were willing to give it a try. My doctor has been outstanding and I will continue to see him for wellness care. I have also seen Gail Barnett, NCMT for neuromuscular therapies that have been a great compliment in my care and well being. Ariya is a great place for overall health!"

Extreme Back…And Right Leg Pain

"Initially I was experiencing extreme back pain that extended down to my right leg. When it started to affect my ability to do housework, walk and even drive! Being a mother, a wife, and a teacher, I needed to be able to do all of these things to take care of my family.

I was talking to a family friend one day about the difficulties I had been experiencing. She told me about her Doctor and treatments at Ariya Family Chiropractic Center and suggested I try it for myself. She had such great results and experiences with her care that I decided to call.

I began coming in three times a week for therapy and adjustments. I know that sounds like a lot but after the first week I felt better! ONE week is all it took for me to be able to resume driving and return to work. I kept up with my treatment plan and was feeling great. I was able to resume most of my daily activities while being seen less frequently!

If I had only known how helpful this could have been before- I would have come then! Therefore, I tell any and everyone with similar aches and pains about chiropractic care. I have had nothing but great results at Ariya- from the adjustments to the kindness of the staff!"

Unable To Go For A Simple Walk

"The one thing that we take for granted is walking.  I was unable to go for a simple walk due to the pain I was experiencing in my lower back.  I realized I am getting older, but I didn’t want to feel the way I was feeling and I certainly didn’t want to give up walking!

I began treatment with Ariya Family Chiropractic Center, because frankly, they were within my insurance network, but what kept me coming was the WONDERFUL staff and clean facility.

My lower back pain has diminished to just stiffness and now I am enjoying long walks in stores when shopping and I am able to exercise.  Make an appointment with Ariya Family Chiropractic Center today because words cannot describe the compassion they give to their patients.  I believe they all are heaven sent."

Achy Lower Back

"OK- how long do you have to put up with an achy lower back?  I guess you put up with it until the pain becomes unbearable, right?  Well, that’s what I did.  The pain made it difficult to perform my work duties and finally, members of my family said to try Ariya Family Chiropractic Center.  They were patients of Ariya Family Chiropractic Center themselves and had had good results.

I have been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments since January 2012 and my lower back doesn’t bother me as much as it used to and I can go home from work and relax instead of being miserable.

Call and make an appointment-don’t wait for the unbearable pain to set in- you won’t regret it!"

Sharp Left Arm Pain

"I initially came to Ariya Family Chiropractic Center because I was experiencing sharp pain when lifting my left arm to reach into my cupboards, lift my daughter, or lift weights.  My arm would be numb in the morning when I woke up, too.  I was unable to reach up with out pain and especially if I had to reach above my shoulder.  The pain was really affecting my day to day activities.  I spent almost 9 months in pain because I was hesitant about going to a chiropractor and my insurance wouldn’t cover chiropractic care.  I had gone to see my primary care physician and was prescribed pain medications.  I didn’t want to take the medication because I had a 1 year old at home, but I was tired of being in pain when I was holding her.

I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I did a search on the internet and found Ariya Family Chiropractic Center.  I liked what I saw on the website and loved the discount for active duty military families.  So I called to make an appointment.  Within the first month, my shoulder and arm pain went away and I was able to function normally again including being able to work out.

I want to stress that it was rough having a 1 year old and having shoulder and arm pain limiting my movement.  Now, I am able to fully function in my daily life with my children and exercise pain free.  I would recommend chiropractic care over medications.  Chiropractic care is non-invasive and chemical free, so why not give it a try first?

Finally, I LOVE Ariya Family Chiropractic Center!  The doctors and staff are all so friendly and helpful.  It’s clear that everybody at Ariya Chiropractic cares about their patients.  I love coming for my appointments and I always feel better after my adjustments."

Headaches And Neck Pain

"Headaches and neck pain were the reason I went to Ariya Family Chiropractic Center.  I went there because the headaches were getting worse and the medicine I was given by my primary care doctor for the headaches was just not working.  The headaches were keeping me from functioning well and thinking clearly.  My husband had started to treat at Ariya and he suggested I give chiropractic a try for my headaches.

I was thoroughly examined by Dr. Saggar and after just a few treatments the headaches diminished.  Now I can say I have very few headaches, ever!  What a change!  If I could offer any advice at all, it would be to go see Dr. Saggar at Ariya Family Chiropractic Center-she is great!

Finally, I would like to add that I could not ask for a friendlier environment of people to go see.  All of the staff are just wonderful and helpful and always smiling.  They are always easy to talk to.  My thanks goes out to the Ariya staff."

Pregnancy Related Sciatica

"I came for treatment at Ariya Family Chiropractic center because I was having pregnancy related sciatic nerve pain.  I hurt.  I couldn’t walk comfortably, could not sleep, had three children at the time and couldn’t keep up with or care for them as I needed to because of the pain.

The thought of chiropractic care while pregnant was a little daunting at first, but the more I read and learned, the more comfortable I became.  I knew it would not only help my pain, but allow me to have a faster more comfortable delivery when the time came (and it did).

My husband was already under care at Ariya for a back problem, but what drew us to them were the friendly staff, military benefits, and professionalism of both Dr. Saggar (who I see) and Dr. Patel (who my husband sees).  I was comforted to know of Dr. Saggar’s training and experience with both pregnant women and children.  From the very first visit I had some relief, and by the 3rd and 4th visits, I was moving, feeling, and sleeping so much better!  I had more energy because I was sleeping better and I could mover better and take care of my family and my pregnancy went so much smoother from that first visit on.  So much, in fact, that when I found out that I was expecting again, the first person I called was Dr. Saggar to set up an appointment!

Ariya Family Chiropractic is a big part of my family’s life.  My husband, myself, and my children are all treated there.  My family’s health is so much better because of Ariya and chiropractic adjustments.  Dr. Saggar was a life saver and chiropractic care gave me such relief.  Try it, it really works."

Severe Arthritis In My Hands

"I am 90 years old and I came to Ariya Family Chiropractic because of severe arthritis in my hands.  The pain was so bad that I was unable to use my hands for most activities.

Dr. Saggar thought I would benefit from cold laser therapy and I noticed improvement from my very first visit!  The treatments have given me a new lease on life.  It was the best thing I could have done for myself!  I have been telling everyone who will listen how much better I feel and that they should try Chiropractic.  Dr. Saggar is a precious jewel and has made a great change in my health.  She is the BEST and I am so thankful I found her."

Discomfort In My Back…And Pain In My Wrist

"When I first began Chiropractic care, the pain in my back was causing me to curtail most of my physical activities.  Wrist pain was a constant source of discomfort and made it difficult to type, lift, etc.  This is not how I wanted to live life.

I began my chiropractic experience at the urging of my daughter-in-law because I was having discomfort in my back.  At the same time, I was having pain in my wrist, for which my medical doctor had recommended surgery.  I didn’t want to go the surgery route so I talked to Dr. Saggar about it and she began treating me for both my back and my wrist with adjustments and ultra-sound.

My back continues to cause discomfort, based on my activities, but Dr. Saggar is able to keep it from becoming a major issue.  She and Dr. Patel have also done wonders with my neck which was injured in an automobile accident many years ago.  My wrist has not been an issue for quite a while.  Due to REGULAR chiropractic adjustments, I am able to live a much more active life, pain free.

I continue to refer folks to Ariya Family Chiropractic Center- telling them how chiropractic adjustments have improved my quality of life.  I think the world of Dr. Saggar and Dr.Patel.  The office staff is always accommodating and so pleasant."

Herniated Disc In My Lower Back

"The reason I first sought care at Ariya Family Chiropractic Center was because I had been diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back. I had to face a difficult decision: Surgery or Chiropractic Care?

My back injury occurred when I was washing a car. Wish I could tell you I was doing something more manly, but if you have a back injury you know just about anything can cause a back injury. I was out of work, I could hardly walk, I was in severe pain, and there was pressure on my sciatic nerve that shot pain down my left leg. I went to my primary care physician who referred me to a neurosurgeon. After examination by the neurosurgeon, I was sent to a pain management specialist.

Two spinal tap epidural’s later and not relief from the pain, the neurosurgeon said I was a candidate for surgery.  This is not what I wanted to hear since I knew a lot of people who were worse after having back surgery.

When I asked for an interview with Dr, Patel, I had already been to 4 other Chiropractic physicians.  Dr. Patel’s’ office was very open to what I was asking them to do.  I brought my list of questions and explained my injury.  Dr. Patel wanted to look at my MRI, after doing so, he immediately stated what type of treatment he wanted to do and how often.  Dr. Patel was the only doctor who was interested in my condition FIRST and not how much he was going to get paid.  I knew from internet research that Dr. Patel, his wife, Dr. Saggar, and the associate doctor, had all graduated from Palmer Chiropractic of College.  The insurance question was quickly confirmed by his professional office staff.

I knew at that interview that I had found the right doctor, one that first and foremost, was interested in helping me, graduated from the right school, suggested a treatment plan, and took my insurance.

After an aggressive regiment of Chiropractic treatments from Dr. Patel (about three months), I returned to see my neurosurgeon and he performed several tests on me in his office and said, “Well, it looks like the Chiropractor you went to helped you, your condition has greatly improved and you don’t need the surgery anymore."

I would strongly encourage you to consider what Ariya Family Chiropractic has to offer.  If you decided to get treatment, stick with it.  My case was not an overnight fix, it took about three months, but most importantly, Dr. Patel and chiropractic treatments saved me from having back surgery.

It has been about three years since my injury, no back surgery, just good chiropractic care."

Lower Back Pain…I Did Not Want Surgery

"I was suffering from lower back pain. It prevented me from performing my everyday chores. Back pain had limited me for so long in my everyday life and I did not want surgery.  A family member of mine had gone to Ariya and gotten great results.  Since I began care at Ariya, I currently  have very little back pain.

I am able to walk longer distances as well as able to do more household chores.  I would highly suggest trying chiropractic care and seeing Dr.T and his wonderful staff!"

Bell’s Palsy

"My initial problem was Bell's Palsy.   Due to this condition I was unable to smile, or drink anything without it spilling.  I chose Ariya due to its proximity to my home.  Since beginning care at Ariya, My Bell's Palsy has been a long standing condition that has gotten slightly better, however other issues such as my neck and shoulder pain have totally gone away.

I would advise others to definitely try Chiropractic care.  I love Dr. T and the staff!"

Neck & Shoulder Pain

"My initial complaint was neck and shoulder pain. I was unable to move, lift things at work, or do every day activities.  The pain was so severe it would not let up for over two months.  I chose Ariya due to the recommendation of two friends who had indicated that they had great outcomes.

Currently I am in half the pain I was before, and all my other minor problems have gone away, allowing me to work.

I would advise people to try Ariya before going another route. I think Ariya is good for preventing future problems and treating current ones without harsh medications or surgeries.  I love the care and staff at Ariya."

Severe Lower Back Pain

"I had severe lower back pain. It was so bad that I had trouble turning over in my bed, and going from a sitting position to a standing position.  I could not even pick up my grandchildren.  Since I began Chiropractic care at Ariya, I don't grunt and groan when I turn over in my bed and the pain has subsided a great deal.

I can get up and down now without severe pain and I don't have to take so many pain pills like I had to in the past.  I would advise people to give chiropractic care a try and to keep up with it. They will see results without unnecessary surgery.

The staff at Ariya is very caring and wonderful. I feel free to talk to them about any concerns I have. The atmosphere of the office is also very pleasant."

Unable To Look Over My Shoulders

"I came to Ariya because I was suffering from upper back pain.  Due to this I was unable to look over my shoulders.  I chose Ariya because of Dr. Holland.  My initial problem is entirely gone, and I am able to move better.  Driving has become much easier.  I would highly suggest Ariya, and chiropractic treatments over having back surgeries."

Lower Back Pain…I Couldn’t Sleep

"I was suffering from lower back pain.  This prevented me from jogging.  I couldn’t sleep comfortably.  I chose Ariya because Dr. Holland is the chiropractor at this office and is amazing, My back issues have improved threefold and I feel 100 times better.

I am fully active and can do any physical activity now.  Since my kids and I have been visiting our chiropractor monthly for many years, our health has improved and we are healthy, and very seldom get sick."

Neck Pain, Spasms and Stiffness

"My initial condition was extreme lower back pain, neck pain, spasms, and stiffness.  This prevented me from having a good quality of life. I was unable to work out which caused significant weight gain.  I was tired of taking pills and receiving shots to relieve the pain.

Thanks to Dr. Holland my life has changed and I am able to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle.  I had an immediate relief from pain and stiffness.  I can now work out and exercise and bend over with out pain.

I would advise others to try chiropractic, they having nothing to lose. Please do yourself of a favor and make an appointment with Dr. Holland."

Lower Back Pain…Stabbing, Shooting

"I came to Ariya because I was having lower back pain that prevented me from performing everyday activities.  It got a point where the pain was unbearable. I could not stand from a sitting position and walk without stabbing shooting pain.

The minute I finished my first treatment, I could tell that some of the pain was already relieved.  It is such a relief to go through my day pain free. I have recommended this healthcare route to several people who have had similar conditions because I have had such good results.

I think Dr. Holland does an excellent job explaining why you are having a specific problem and what can be done to relieve it. She always takes time to make sure you understand everything about your care."

Spondylolisthesis…Years Of Lower Back Pain

"I began care with Dr. Holland due to a spondylolisthesis, which caused many years of lower back pain. It prevented me from exercising, sitting, and standing very long, and from "feeling good".  I've seen chiropractors for over 20 years. It wasn't till Dr. Holland that I started learning more about how my body functions. She is kind, smart, and intuitive. The practice is a 'breath of fresh air', it is very warm, friendly, and very accommodating when it comes to scheduling.

I continue to have some muscular issues but working with Dr. Holland and Nikki, the massage therapist, has continued to help me.  Since starting I have many more days free of pain. I have started biking, kayaking, and swimming.  Dr. Holland now works with treating my entire family."